Asad Umar, Federal Minister for Planning and Development, has stated that Pakistan’s inoculation drive for the coronavirus is to commence from next week, starting with front-line health workers.

“The system for vaccination is in place. Hundreds of vaccination centres in the country will be administering the covid vaccine. Inshallah, the vaccination of front line health workers will start next week,” read the Federal Minister’s tweet.

“God willing, the vaccination of front-line health workers will start next week,” he added.

The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) has released an extensive policy regarding the vaccination procedure, outlining an 8-step strategy for prospective recipients.

All provinces and relevant stakeholders were included in the decision making, and the strategy was according to established international health guidelines, the NCOC said in a statement. “The purpose of the strategy is to vaccinate people in a healthy environment and in accordance with health guidelines through a concrete plan.”

The online portal, National Immunisation Management System (NIMS), has been created which will be operated by the NCOC. Human interaction within the portal will be minimised to keep the system transparent, it added.

Along with NIMS, multiple Adult Vaccine Centres (AVC) have been set up across the country, which will be run by the National Vaccination and Administration Control Cell (NVACC). Coordination cells have also been established at provincial and district levels, the NCOC statement said.


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