KARACHI: Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves increase $1,112 million to $17,231.1 million in the week ending July 2, compared to $16,119.4 million in the previous week, the State Bank of Pakistan said on Thursday.

During the week ending July 2, State Bank received $1,000 million as the government of Pakistan loan disbursement from China and $440 million from World Bank, the SBP said on Thursday.

After accounting for external debt repayments and other official payments, Central Bank reserves increase by $1,112 million, the statement added.

RESERVES        Week ending    Previous Week      Change/pct
   ($ billions)         July 2                     
 Held by the SBP $17,231.1 mln   $16,119.4m     6.8                            
Held by      $7,183.8 mln    $7,178.0m              0.08
commercial banks                                  
Total        $24,414.9m   $23,297.4m                   4.7


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