Pakistan has expressed regret that India misrepresented the passage of the International Court of Justice (Review and Re-consideration) Bill passed by the National Assembly of Pakistan.

A statement issued by the Foreign Ministry on Saturday said that Pakistan always “abides by all its international obligations, and this applies to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) judgment in the case of the Indian spy Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav.”

It added that “we have seen the remarks of the Indian MEA’s spokesperson regarding International Court of Justice (Review and Re-consideration) Bill passed by the National Assembly of Pakistan.

“It is regrettable that the government of India has decided to misrepresent the ICJ judgment which clearly states in Paragraph 147 that, ‘Pakistan is under an obligation to provide, by means of its own choosing, effective review and reconsideration of the conviction and sentence of Commander Jadhav’.

“In line with paragraph 146 of the ICJ judgment, Pakistan chose to provide Commander Jadhav the right of review and reconsideration by superior courts of Pakistan through International Court of Justice (Review and Re-consideration) Ordinance, 2020. Pakistan’s commitment to upholding the ICJ judgment was again reflected by the passage of the ICJ (Review and Reconsideration) Bill for Review from the National Assembly.

“The judgment of the ICJ (Para 118) also requires India to act in good faith, and arrange legal representation for Commander Jadhav. Regrettably, India has been engaging in a deliberate campaign to obfuscate the issue of the appointment of a lawyer. As a result, the government of Pakistan has had to initiate proceedings before the Islamabad High Court to request the court to appoint a lawyer for Commander Jadhav. The Honourable Court has repeatedly invited India to clarify its position in this regard but India continues to deliberately politicise the issue.

“The government of India’s refusal to avail itself of the legal remedies provided by Pakistan and such statements reveal their nefarious designs to undermine Pakistan’s efforts and discredit the ICJ judgment regarding Commander Jadhav,” the statement concluded.


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