Over the last 24 hours, 1,927 people tested positive for COVID-19 in Pakistan, according to data released by the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC). Meanwhile, 43 people lost their lives to the virus, of which 40 died while hospitalized. 28 died while on ventilators.

Sindh registered the greatest number of COVID-19 deaths on January 22, followed by Punjab. 20 fatalities were registered in Sindh in one day, and 14 in Punjab.

The total number of fatalities registered in the provinces stand at 4,537 in Punjab, 3,875 in Sindh, 1,826 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), 436 in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), 192 in Balochistan, 102 in Gilgit Baltistan (GB), and 252 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). 11,247 total deaths have been registered in the country.

As of January 23, 2021, there are 35,063 active cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan.

Yesterday, 40,403 tests were conducted across Pakistan, with 6,760 conducted in Sindh, 18,729 in Punjab, 6,664 in KP, 6,860 in ICT, 624 in Balochistan, 445 in GB, and 321 in AJK.

Of the ventilators reserved for COVID-19 patients, 301 are occupied across Pakistan. 32% of the reserved ventilators are occupied in Bahawalpur, 38% in Multan, 38% in Islamabad, and 34% in Lahore. No patients are on ventilator in Balochistan and GB. Of the allotted oxygen beds, 44% are occupied in Peshawar, 36% in Multan, 40% in Karachi, and 27% in Rawalpindi.

To date, a total of 530,818 COVID-19 cases have been reported in Pakistan (AJK 8,770; Balochistan 18,715; GB 4,899, ICT 40,629; KP 64,945; Punjab 152,925; Sindh 239,935). 7,602,380 tests have so far been conducted in Pakistan.

631 hospitals within Pakistan are equipped with COVID-19 facilities, with 2,789 patients admitted across the country

So far, 484,508 people have recovered across Pakistan, making it a significant count.

The story was filed by the News Desk. The Desk can be reached at info@thecorrespondent.com.pk.


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