On Thursday, Pakistan joined the Digital Cooperation Organisation (DCO) as a founding member. The project is instituted under Saudia Arabia’s initiative to increase and encourage international integration and cooperation in the digital sphere.

DCO was launched at a virtual event hosted by Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Communication and Information Technology H.E. Abdullah Al-Swaha. Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah. Foreign Minister Mahmood Qureshi participated in the conference via video link.

Apart from Pakistan, Saudia Arabia has also extended the invitation to countries such as Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait and the UAE. DCO intends to accelerate the growth of digital economy and to promote the global digital agenda in the scientific, health, educational, commercial, social, agricultural, investment and security spheres.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, said that digital diplomacy was an integral part of his Public Diplomacy Initiative under Vison FO.


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