President Arif Alvi stated that Pakistan has progressed as a nation and is now “self-sufficient” in its defence. Addressing the Pakistan Day parade, the president lauded the country’s armed forces for their efforts in alleviating terrorism, natural disasters, and the current pandemic.

Dr Alvi expressed the need for peace in the region, urging regional leaders to terminate hate-based politics.

“Pakistan wants to move forward with honesty and peace, but our wish should not be taken as weakness and we reserve the right to respond befittingly to any misadventure,” he said. 

“The goal of national and regional development can only be achieved in the environment of peace and by refraining from all kinds of aggression and exploitation,” the president added.

Arif Alvi also reiterated Pakistan’s solidarity with Kashmir, terming the current situation a “human tragedy”.

“Quaid-e-Azam [Muhammad Ali Jinnah] had said Kashmir is Pakistan’s jugular vein. We are raising the issue of Kashmir and will continue to do so,” he said.

The president also addressed matters pertaining to Afghanistan and China, calling for peace and amicability.


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