The opposition alliance demanded on Thursday to repeal the “unconstitutional ruling” of the National Assembly (NA) deputy speaker immediately and asked the National Security Committee (NSC) to inform the nation of the facts.

The joint opposition held meeting in Islamabad at JUI-F chief Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman’s residence. During the meeting, the current political situation and other matters were discussed.

After the meeting, in the wee hours of Thursday, Fazal read out a joint communique, which stated that a rejection of the no-trust motion against the prime minister by violating the Constitution was a dreadful attack on Parliament and the Constitution.

He said that the joint opposition would go to every length to protect the parliamentary system in the country.

“[The] unconstitutional ruling of NA deputy speaker is a part of a conspiracy to impose a presidential system and dictatorship, therefore it should be repealed immediately,” it said.

The joint communique further said that exemplary punishment should be given to those who have abrogated the Constitution.

The joint opposition also demanded the National Security Committee (NSC) inform the nation of the facts so the country can be saved from further chaos and anarchy.

According to the joint opposition’s statement, Friday may be observed as ‘Constitution Protection Day’ across the country.

In this connection, rallies, including a lawyer’s convention for the protection of the Constitution, will be held across the country.


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