The opposition on Tuesday severely criticised the PTI government for “mishandling” the proscribed Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) protest in Lahore during which three people were killed and several others, including policemen, were injured.

PML-N leader and former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi questioned the sagacity of the government’s move to hold talks with a “banned outfit”. If they [the government] have to talk to them, why the TLP was banned, he said while talking to media in Islamabad.

He said that the roads in Islamabad have been blocked by placing containers. What are they afraid of? Every Pakistani is asking why there is chaos in the country?

Abbasi condemned violence in Lahore and said the details have yet to come to light.

He asked the media who made promises with the TLP. The protesters have been saying that the ambassador was promised to be expelled. Who made this promise? The one who is responsible should come forward and face the music, said Abbasi.

He said the National Assembly was suddenly adjourned for two days. “If the prime minister has the courage, he would have addressed the parliament.

Prime Minister Imran Khan himself is saying that he is responsible and is working on it, he added.

He said that the facts of what happened at Faizabad in the past are very bitter and lessons should be learnt from it.

The only way to make the facts public is through the ‘truth commission’, Abbasi said.

RANA SANAULLAH: Talking to media in Lahore, he said that if the government had an agreement with the TLP five months ago, why it did not bring it in the parliament.

If they involved the parliament, the parliamentarians would have talked to the TLP and resolved the issue, he added.

He questioned that the agreement was to expire on April 20, why the government launched an operation 10 days before its expiry?

The government has put the writ of the state at stake, Rana Sanaullah added.

He criticised the PTI saying that it had been blocking the roads, making anti-state speeches in the past.

The PML-N leader said that if the government has an agreement, it should have honoured it. The agreement has the signatures of three ministers and the interior minister, he maintained.

AHSAN IQBAL: Former interior minister Ahsan Iqbal held the ‘incompetence’ and ‘negligence’ of Imran Khan government responsible for chaos in the country.

Taking to media on Tuesday, he said the prime minister has been acting irresponsibly. The country is facing severe internal crisis due to law and order situation while the PTI government is after Nawaz Sharif’s properties.

Ahsan Iqbal said that the government had adopted a non-serious approach towards recent violent clashes between law enforcement agencies and the proscribed TLP workers.

The PML-N leader said that prime minister’s speech was full of sarcasm and hatred. Recent international reports pointed out deteriorating economic situation of Pakistan as a result of the failed policies of PTI government.

BILAWAL BHUTTO-ZARDARI: PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, while condemning the violence in Lahore, said bloodshed cannot resolve issues.

He expressed grief over the deaths of the TLP workers as well as policemen during clashes, which, according to him, occurred because of the government’s inability to handle the situation.

Bilawal said it is responsibility of the state to protect the lives of its people and the government’s failure to do so had resulted in plunging the country into unprecedented chaos and anarchy.

He stressed that all issues should be resolved through constitutional means instead of violence.

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