Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday warned opposition that they would be jailed, if they will break the law. He said opposition is following Indian agenda.

“We are safe today because of the sacrifices rendered by our armed forces,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said while addressing a addressing a ceremony hosted by All Pakistan Insaf Lawyers Forum in Islamabad.  “if anyone is going around with India’s agenda, it is the [opposition].”

“It is India’s mission to put Pakistan on FATF’s blacklist because sanctions would be imposed on us. I assure you, if someone is carrying that agenda, it is him [Nawaz Sharif],” he said.

He said if elections were rigged, PTI government would not need a coalition to form a government.

“I won from five constituencies and become prime minister after bagging the most votes. I am democracy,” he declared.

He said opposition is running a campaign against armed forces as a pressure tactic to get NRO. He warned opposition that they would go to jail if they would break the law. “You would go to jail, the moment you would break the law. He said ‘unemployed’ politicians had come together to try and save their corrupt practices.

He said military has no problem with him because he is not corrupt. He said Nawaz Sharif fought with every army chief because he wanted to turn the military into Punjab Police. “They know the ISI is aware of all their corruption, they try to control it and that’s where the conflict starts,” he said.

Member of staff, the author is a Political Science alumna from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). She keeps an eye out for issues of social justice, censorship and our changing political discourse. She can be reached at


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