After the Supreme court regarded the judicial reference filed against Supreme Court Justice Qazi Faez Isa to be ‘filed in complete disregard of the law’ in its judgement on Friday, the opposition reprimanded the government through their Twitter channels.

Leader from Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N), Khawaja Asif resorted to his classic style of challenging the ‘Sharm o Haya’ (shame and pudency) of the government; often seen in his parliamentary speeches.

“After Supreme Court’s decision, both Prime Minister and President have lost the justification to stay on their designations.”, said Asif. He went on to say both should resign.

Maryam Nawaz accused Prime Minister and his ‘partners in crime’ of conspiring against the ‘honorable and good-charactered’ Justice Qazi.

“They [PM and others] should meet their deserved ill-fate. President and his office were merely exploited. Real culprits are Imran Khan and his partners”, Maryam said.

National Assembly member of PPP, Nafisa Shah posed the question whether the President should resign in light of the judgement.

”Once again the courts have spoken against selected twisted vindictive system of accountability. The reference against Justice Faez Isa is malafide against the law and the Constitution.”, Shah said.


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