Noor was raped and tortured before murder: forensic report confirms

Protests take place all over the country as people demand Justice for Noor Mukadam.

DNA sample confirms that noor was raped. The fingerprints on the murder weapon; a confirmed match for Zahir.

On wednesday, Noor’s forensic report prepared by the Punjab Forensic Agency revealed that Zahir had raped and tortured Noor. He had later slit her throat with a sharp object before finally beheading her. The report also confirms that Zahir’s fingerprints match those found on the murder weapon.

The CCTV footage obtained from the Jaffer house confimed that both Zahir Jaffer and Noor Mukadam were present there. It also showed Noor jumping from the balcony and trying to escape.

The investigators are also focusing on Zahir’s parents claiming that they were not only aware of the incident but also tried abetting and deleting the evidence.

Zahir’s parent’s, househelp and guards were also taken into custody and now face trial.


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