NoOne 21 is an online platform launched in 2021, serving as a digital space that allows “employers to hire media industry talent and professionals without the help of an agent.” The organisation describes itself as a “marketplace” for media professionals to find the talent and exposure required to progress in the field.

NoOne 21 calls itself a “middle man”, offering employers and professionals access to each other. By eliminating the need for agencies and third parties, this marketplace increases the efficacy and accessibility of the hiring process. The digital space provides a plethora of options under the categories ‘buyer’ and ‘talent’, on the basis of which it tailors the search to specificity.

For buyers, the website ensures that their vision is clear to the seller, allowing the former the option to browse through portfolios to make informed decisions. The other category, talent, is offered the opportunity to reach out to producers and project managers without dependency on open calls.

For aspiring artists or individuals already part of Pakistan’s media industry, the road leading to advancement seems endless. The process requires multiple layers to unravel to finally reach the goal and even then obstacles follow. In this context, NoOone 21 could place this industry within the bounds of accessibility and ease, congregating writers, directors, editors, actors and camera crew to a single space to create “the best kind of art”.


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