No Time to Die has set its world premiere date, re-confirming the film’s release plans.

The upcoming James Bond movie was the first major studio blockbuster to be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

No Time to Die was scheduled to come out in April 2020, but its release date has been pushed back several times over the past year.

It’s now settled into an October 2021 window.

The official James Bond Twitter account announced the No Time to Die world premiere will take place on Tuesday, September 28. The event will be held at Royal Albert Hall in London.

While this doesn’t mean No Time to Die’s release date won’t be delayed again, it is an indication MGM is moving forward with the film’s long-delayed release.

If the filmmakers didn’t feel like movie would come out as scheduled, they likely would not have planned the world premiere.

In fact, it may not be financially feasible for No Time to Die to be delayed again.

Another delay would cost MGM millions of dollars and increase marketing costs even further.

No Time to Die is already reportedly the most expensive Bond film ever made, so the studio is in a tight spot.

With that in mind, they arguably don’t have much of a choice but to go ahead with the world premiere.


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