A video of the television anchor Imran Khan went viral on Twitter as netizens criticised the journalist’s stance on the murder of Noor Mukadam.  

In the video, Imran can be heard drawing parallels between Noor Mukadam’s murder and her lack of telephonic conversation with her father. The anchor compares how many times Noor texted her father as opposed to the primary suspect in the trial. He heavily insinuates that the murder was a result of bad choices on the part of the victim. 

Twitter reacted to the video of Imran Khan victim-blaming, calling it ‘utterly disgusting. Activist and journalist Haider Kaleem shared the clip of the video, saying, “I’m shocked at Imran Khan’s ‘views on why #ZahirJaffer murdered #NoorMuqaddam. This vile man has no right to call himself a journalist, and honestly, he should not even be allowed to have a platform on national TV anymore because he believes talking to men can get you beheaded.” 

Other prominent personalities and citizens also criticised the tone-deaf take of the TV anchor. Deputy Secretary-General PMLN Attaullah Tarar also chimed in, condemning the victim-blaming by Imran Khan. He wrote on his Twitter account, “I’m going to translate the article I wrote recently into Urdu and get it published in Urdu newspapers. Misogynists and rape apologists have no limits, and now we’re justifying beheadings. Victim blaming needs to stop right now.”

Dawn news anchor Zarrar Khuhro criticised his colleague, saying that he “does not deserve a platform of any kind, anywhere, ever”.


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