Bhuban Badyakar, the peanut seller from West Bengal who sang the viral Kacha Badam song, is performing at plush bars in Kolkata.

But a few weeks back, when the viral sensation dared to call himself celebrity, asserting he won’t be selling peanuts anymore, the internet made him chew on his words by criticizing him for “letting fame get to his head,” indirectly, reminding him his place.

As per The Print, his song is still ruling the trending reels on social media and many from around the world are shaking a leg to the remix of what was originally, solely his making. The renewed track has garnered over 138 million views on YouTube.

As per News18, at a felicitation programme event recently, Bhuban clarified that he didn’t mean to be rude when he called himself a celebrity. “I have now realized that I shouldn’t have said it. It was the people who made me a celebrity and if situation arises, I will again start selling peanuts,” Bhuban assured, despite being humiliated.

“I feel lucky to receive such love from you all. I am a simple man and have always lived my life like that. These things like stardom, media attention and glamour won’t be there forever. I can assure you as a person I haven’t changed,” he added.

A resident of Kuraljuri village of West Bengal’s Birbhum district, Bhuban became an overnight sensation when a YouTube channel called Ektara captured a video of him singing kacha badam (raw peanuts) with the help of the song. Over the span of two months, the video clocked in over 21 million views.

In the original video, Bhuban can be seen selling peanuts in exchange for small trinkets and broken household items. The lyrics of the Bangla song that says ‘paer chura, hather bala, thake jodi city gold er chain, diye jaben, tate shoman shoman badam paben roughly translate to ‘if you have anklets, bangles, imitation chains, then you can give them to me, I will give you equal portions of peanuts.’

The video gained a lot of traction and was picked up by singer and musician Nazmu Reachat who made a peppy remix out of it.

Thankfully, however, without letting the pressure bring him down, Bhuban returned with another song not long ago. His new song titled Amar Notun Gari, Bengali for My New Car, is based on his new car. The number comes only a week after Bhuban suffered minor injuries in a car accident, following which, he had to be admitted to a hospital in his village in West Bengal’s Birbhum district. The new song goes on to narrate how Bhuban got into the accident and how God saved him from serious injuries.


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