The National Command and Operation Centre has decided to tighten Covid-19 restrictions as the infection rate rises across the country.

The forum warned that the infection rate has risen above 4 per cent, and with Eidul Azha approaching, there is an increasing possibility of the Covid-19 Delta variant spreading across the country.

As per the instructions provided by the forum, all provinces are to ensure the implementation of preventive measures in high-risk areas. For this purpose, the task is delegated to special teams.

The government has made coronavirus vaccination mandatory for citizens. Access to gyms, restaurants, hotels, and cinemas is restricted to vaccinated individuals only.

On Friday, NCOC decided that citizens above 18 are to get vaccinated before August 31, whereas all public and private sector employees are to get vaccinated before 31.

The travellers would be required to produce their vaccination certification to board aeroplanes from August 1 onwards, decided NCOC. Citizens travelling up north would similarly be required to have their vaccination certificates. The forum also barred customers from booking hotels without immunisation certificates.

As per the Eidul Azha SOPs issued by NCOC, cattle markets are set up in open spaces with sanitisation and temperature checking facilities at each entry. The forum has also ordered citizens to follow face masks and social distancing protocols strictly, whereas the sellers must also be vaccinated.


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