Pakistan Navy, in a demonstration of its professional competence and effective vigilance, once again thwarted an attempt by an Indian submarine to enter into Pakistani waters.

The incident took place on October 16, confirmed the ISPR, adding that the Indian naval submarine has been prematurely detected and tracked by the PN Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

“During the prevailing security milieu, a strict monitoring watch has been kept by Pakistan Navy to safeguard maritime frontiers of Pakistan,” reads the ISPR’s statement.

The ISPR pointed out that this is the third incident of its kind wherein an Indian submarine has been “prematurely detected and tracked by PN Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft”.

“The recent incident reflects the deplorable Indian machinations vis-à-vis the commitment and resolve of the Pakistan Navy to defend maritime frontiers of the motherland,” said the ISPR. 

In past, Indian submarines have attempted twice to enter the Pakistani waters.

In November 2016, Pakistan Navy had detected an Indian submarine in the south of Pakistan’s coast.

“The unsuspecting submarine was detected and localised south of Pakistani coast on November 16. Thereafter, despite the submarine’s desperate efforts to escape detection, it was continuously tracked by Pakistan Navy Fleet units and pushed well clear of our waters,” the ISPR had said at the time.

The second time an Indian submarine was detected near Pakistani waters was a month after the Pulwama bombing that heightened tensions between Indian and Pakistani governments.

In March 2019, the Pakistan Navy had said that an attempt by an Indian submarine to enter Pakistani territorial waters was foiled.


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