Pakistan Muslim League Quaid (PML-Q)’s Tariq Bashir Cheema, the federal minister for housing, has been facing massive backlash after a video of his family getting inoculated made waves on social media. The video clip showed Cheema’s family members getting vaccinated by healthcare workers at his residence. The PML-Q minister has been condemned on social media for using his political influence to administer vaccinations for family and friends not authorised yet for the vaccine.

Tariq, however, has denied the allegations made against him claiming, instead, that a team from the University of Health Sciences administered a booster shot of a trial vaccine.

Model and actress Iffat Omar also came under fire for jumping the queue and getting vaccinated for COVID-19. Shortly after, the model stated that she had been given a jab of a trial vaccine and had not used her influence or privilege to secure a shot.

Twitter users, however, debunked claims made by both individuals, saying that trials followed a different approach than the ones stated by the aforementioned individuals.

“Trials are not run at people’s homes! Or even of ministers,” a user tweeted.

Pakistan’s vaccination drive, currently, is restricted only to healthcare workers and citizens above 60 years of age. Last week, citizens over the age of 50 were allowed registrations to be vaccinated starting March 30. Federal Minister for Planning Asad Umar announced this in a tweet Friday, urging eligible Pakistani citizens to register accordingly.


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