In a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Trade and Investment Adviser Abdul Razzaq Dawood informed about the progress on trade agreements and the prediction of positive results by the investors.

He also briefed the prime minister on the strategy for the forthcoming visit to the rest of the Central Asian states, particularly Tajikistan, and the implications for investment and trade.

The briefing included mention of the board of Investment meeting this week and the expected meeting of various Chambers of Commerce this month and its strategy.

The prime minister welcomed the strengthening of trade relations with the Central Asian states and stressed that Pakistan has the potential to provide sea access to the entire region, including these states. He added that, in the near future, Pakistan’s ports would form the basis of important trade routes through CPEC.

The Prime Minister further commended the board of Ministry of Commerce and Investment for prioritizing efforts to enhance trade relations with Central Asian states for the first time in history.


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