MULTAN: Federal Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that Jahangir Tareen should meet Prime Minister Imran Khan if he has any concerns.

The statement came while the minister talked to the media in Multan on Saturday. Qureshi said that members of the national and provincial assemblies are bound by the decision of Imran Khan. He further added that independent members submitted affidavits and started sitting on PTI benches in the assembly.

Regarding Tareens comment that only his sugar mills are being targeted under the guise of accountability, the minister clarified that out of the 17 sugar mills that have received notices only one belongs to Tareen. “If Jahangir Tareen has any concern, he should meet the Prime Minister. We will listen to everything Tareen says,” Qureshi said.

Qureshi further said that none of the PTI members was going to any other party, saying that if someone has any disagreement they will quit and leave the party but such was not the case. “When I had a disagreement with the PPP, I left my seat and resigned,” he said.

“[Hold an] inquiry but make a transparent team that is not controversial. The team that is [currently] investigating is not fair,” Tareen has said while talking to the media on the occasion of his court appearance. He claimed that the charges against him were “made in Islamabad” and the FIR was signed in Lahore after it was sent to the city in a “USB”.

Earlier, Tareen had also dismissed claims of changing party allegiance and leaving the PTI. “We are the party and we will remain in it. If we don’t stay then where will we go,” asked Tareen.


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