The United Nations said that Wednesday was the deadliest day in Myanmar as at least 38 people were killed when forces opened fire on protesters in various cities. But the resilient protesters returned to streets on Thursday as demonstrations against February 1 coup continue.

The protesters took a different approach as they gathered in side lanes and alleys instead of main protest sites.

In Yangon, major roads and streets were barricaded by the protesters with makeshift barriers and sandbags to keep forces at bay.

Demonstrations are also taking place in other parts of the country, including Mandalay and Monywa, where several people died in Wednesday’s violence.

More than 100,000 demonstrators were on roads on Thursday, said local news outlets.

In Yangon’s North Okalapa area, at least 22 people were killed by forces on Wednesday. Hundreds of people were also reportedly arrested in Yangon, including four volunteer rescue workers who were helping injured protesters in North Okalapa.

Save the Children, a charity working on child rights, said in a statement that four children were among the dead, including a 14-year-old boy who was reportedly shot dead by a soldier on a passing convoy of military trucks. The soldiers loaded his body onto a truck and left the scene.

UN envoy on Myanmar Christine Schraner Burgener described Wednesday’s events “shocking”, and added that the death toll in anti-coup protests surged past 50.

She told a virtual briefing that saw a video clip in which police officials were thrashing volunteer medical crew who were unarmed.

She also cited weapons experts who watched video footages that appeared to show police using 9mm sub-machine guns.

In another video footage, a protester was taken away from police and soldiers shot him from a close range and killed him.

Burgener is due to brief the UN Security Council on developments on Friday.

Meanwhile, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), which has been tracking arrests since the coup, said 1,498 people have been detained, of them 1,192 are still imprisoned.

ABSCONDING: The Indian media reported that three police constables have crossed over the border into northeastern state of Mizoram to seek refuge there, rather than “carry out orders given by the military junta.”

An Indian police official said on Thursday that the three Myanmar police came across the border near the town of North Vanlaiphai on Wednesday afternoon.

They Indian authorities that they got instructions from the military rulers which they cannot obey, so they ran away.

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