The independent Assistance Association for Political Prisoners has verified 235 deaths in Myanmar since February 1 military coup.

The organisation expressed the apprehension that the actual death toll could be much higher. It said it has confirmed that 2,330 people have been arrested or charged since the coup, with 1,980 still detained or remaining charged.

In addition to using brutal force against demonstrations, the forces have been carrying out a campaign of harassment, stealing from homes they raid, said the group, which also charged that forces have used people they arrested as human shields as they sought to break up demonstrations.

Numerous reports on social media, including videos, have shown security forces vandalizing cars parked on the street.

Meanwhile, on Saturday residents of second-biggest city Mandalay helped railway workers move out of their state-supplied houses after the authorities said they would have to leave if they continue to support the protest movement against the military.

Mandalay residents carried the workers’ furniture and other household items to trucks, van and pickup trucks.

The state railway workers last month went on strike answering a call of civil disobedience movement. The military regime has sought to force them back to work through intimidation, which included a nighttime, gun-firing patrol last month through their housing area in Mandalay and a raid in the railway workers’ housing area in Yangon.

Protests against the coup continued Saturday in cities and town across the country, including in Mandalay and Yangon.

Internet access has been restricted, private newspapers have been barred from publishing, and protesters, journalists and politicians have been arrested in large numbers.


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