Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday launched Single National Curriculum (SNC) in the country saying that it was his vision for the last 25 years.

Addressing the launching ceremony, the prime minister said that the children from the ruling elite were able to access English medium schools and secure top slots.

The society was divided into two segments owing to the syllabus being taught in our educational institutes, he said, adding that failure to bring a single curriculum after the independence was the biggest injustice to the society.

Prime Minister Imran said that today the number of English medium schools has increased, deepening the divide in the society. “No country does this by dividing its curriculum,” he added.

Implementation of a single curriculum was like my dream has come true, he said and added that it was the first step and would lead to criticism from the status quo who would never want this system to be implemented.

He, however, said that despite criticism, they would not hesitate and would move forward to make one nation through a single national curriculum. People sometimes termed the implementation of SNC as an impossible task, he added.

Prime Minister Imran said that mental slavery is worse than physical slavery. “A slave mind can never do great work.”

He said that it is very necessary to break the shackles of slavery.

He said that the salve nation starts wearing the same clothes as their masters. When one is mentally slave, he adopts every practice of the master, he added.

The premier said we do not learn English only but adopt their whole culture.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD: Earlier on Sunday, Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood had said that in the first phase, SNC would be introduced to grades 1 to 5.

The implementation of the SNC was compulsory for all public and private schools, he said and added that action would be taken against the schools ignoring the guidelines.

He said that a separate curriculum had been prepared for religious minorities to promote respect and harmony.

The SNC represents a minimum requirement for core subjects that have to be taught but does not bar the private schools from teaching additional subjects.

The SNC has been developed by the National Curriculum Council in consultation with the education departments of all provinces. A uniform curriculum will be implemented across Pakistan, with the aim of ending educational disparity.

The SNC will be implemented in three phases. The second phase includes grades 6 to 8 and will be implemented in 2022-23, whereas, phase three includes grades 9 to 12 and will be implemented in 2023-24.


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