PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Sunday criticised Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying that when a person saw losing their hold on power, they become mentally disturbed.

“[They] neither have moral values nor the capability of enmity,” the PML-N leader wrote on Twitter.

“[Neither] do they have any respect for the position they hold.”

The PML-N leader, who is the daughter of former premier Nawaz Sharif, wrote that PM Imran had first insulted everyone and then said the State of Madina was based on morality.

“May the Almighty protect Pakistan from your [PM Imran’s] wickedness,” she added.

In another tweet, she mocked the premier for “falling apart and sounding hysterical.”

She added that the “game” had just begun and the premier had already lost it.

“Show some sportsman spirit man!”

Last month, Maryam had lashed out at the PTI-led government for amending laws that would pave way for penalising defamation against the army, judiciary, public servants and government institutions as well as allowing the lawmakers to address public gatherings during election campaigns.

The PML-N leader said the laws being amended by the government were apparently aimed to stifle dissent in the country but in reality they will be used against PM Imran and his aides.

“Whatever laws this government is amending are meant to silence the media and the opposition but these laws are going to be used against [PM] Imran & Company,” she had written on Twitter.

She had also said that no matter how much State power the premier used, he would not be able to “save himself”.

“The tide has turned… Mr Imran Khan! No matter how much state’s power you use, you cannot save yourself,” she had stated on the micro-blogging website.

Maryam’s remarks had come hours after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had taken media personality Mohsin Baig into custody after he resisted arrest and fired shots at an agency team which had arrived at his residence in the federal capital.

During the arrest, Baig and his son had brandished firearms and opened fire on FIA personnel, injuring one.
The FIA cybercrime wing had registered a case against Baig at the request of Communications Minister Murad Saeed.

“Your list of crimes not only includes taking revenge from opponents but also using state institutions like FIA to settle your personal score. You will be held accountable,” Maryam had written.

Referring to the premier, she said that he was not some creature who had descended from the skies on Earth that houses of people would be raided if someone criticised him.

“My mother in ICU should have been given the same respect which you give to your wife… the mothers and sisters of your political opponents deserve same respect,” she had added.

The PML-N vice president had said that PM Imran was indulging in a “dirty game” and also encouraging his “ignorant ministers” to do the same.

“This is how the fear of people like you comes to fore when they start to lose power. Seeing your actions, the last few days of the Musharraf [former military ruler] era come to mind.”


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