Popstar Ali Azmat recently made an appearance on Ahmad Pansota’s show and discussed Pakistani music and arts. The conversation also led to the singer talking about the veteran singer Noor Jehan, a musical legend who is celebrated globally.

Discussing the transition of the country’s music over the years, the Jazba Junoon singer said, “In my childhood, Noor Jehan used to sing on a show draped in Saari with big earrings and extra makeup on. We used to hate that woman.”

He continued with ageist comments saying, “Looked like a meatball, she was an old age woman at that time and we used to think that it’s not necessary for us to watch it.”

Ali Azmat added, “This was the time when we accepted the other culture and it became a norm later on.”

The singer mentioned that American society is also not fond of sensationalism and forbids their children to do drugs and adopt them.

Azmat stuck his tongue out and said “I’m not a person that if Madonna is appearing on screen and I will stick my tongue out,”.

He then added, “Yes it happened but after few minutes someone said to close it, otherwise a fly will enter in your mouth.”

The singer’s remarks were strongly opposed by Ahmad Pansota.


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