A leaked video seemingly shows a British F-35 fighter jet dropped off the launch ramp of the HMS Queen Elizabeth which is the country’s flagship aircraft carrier. The jet is seen being dropped off without ever getting airborne first.

A defense commentator posted the 16-second video on Twitter which was picked up by local media. The crash was first reported on Nov 17.

Based on the speculations on local media something like a plastic rain cover might have been sucked into the jet’s engine, causing its failure.

It can be seen in the video that the £100 million ($133.4 million) fighter jet is moving slowly up the ramp to take-off, as it lacked thrust and lift, and then plunging into the sea as the pilot ejects. Subsequently, the pilot was safely rescued.

Efforts are being made to retrieve the jet as it is a top priority for the UK Defense Ministry. The F-35 possesses the latest technology including advanced sensors, radars, and other equipment that the Defense Ministry does not want to fall into the hands of hostile states.


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