The medical superintendent (MS) of the Services Hospital in Lahore has been suspended following the ‘disappearance’ of 550 vaccine doses from the hospital.

Dr Amjad, principal of the hospital, claimed that there was an error in the records of the vaccines which displayed missing doses. No vaccines had ‘disappeared,’ he maintained.

However, sources at the health department reported that the missing vaccines were administered to important personalities, bureaucrats, and their friends. They added that Federal Minister for Housing Tariq Bashir Cheema of the Pakistan Muslim League–Quaid (PML-Q) and his family also received the COVID-19 vaccine from the missing batch.

Earlier this week, a video had circulated on social media showing the minister’s family and friends, including actor Iffat Omar, receiving the shot. The minister had denied the allegations, stating that his family had received shots as part of a vaccine trial.

Punjab’s health minister Yasmin Rashid said an audit will be conducted to investigate the irregularities in the vaccine numbers.

330 spoiled doses

Another 330 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine “went to waste” at Lahore’s Government Mozang Teaching Hospital due to improper storage.

The vaccines were reportedly spoilt due to storage in inappropriate temperatures. Dr Yasmin Rashid said the vaccines were supposed to be stored at temperatures between 2C to 8C, which was not done.


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