In a press briefing in Lahore on Tuesday, Director Inspector General (DIG) Investigation Shariq Jamal expressed concern over the rapid rise in crime incidents involving juveniles.

The recent heinous incident in Sundar, where a 7 year old girl was raped after being murdered, involved underaged culprits. Similarly, four out of five gang members arrested for a dozen robberies in Lahore, with three attempts of murder, were also aged below 16.

The DIG Investigation admitted the increase of this phenomenon during the press briefing, and acknowledged the gravity of the situation.

He said that he is now sending a Concern Paper to the Inspector Genral Office for some immediate and effective steps regarding this.

Additionally, the DIG said he is working on suggestions for legislation that can curb child involvement in criminal activity.

“Every 16-year-old boy is not mentally equal, and when an underaged criminal goes to jail once, then there are high chances that his future will also be linked to crime,” he said. “So as head of Investigation wing, within three weeks, I will be drafting a Concern Paper as a guideline for these kids.”

The DIG also claimed there will some changes in the investigation department led by the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA). One plan is to enchance the manpower capacity of undercover cops who can help prevent crimes. The CIA Superintendent of Police (SP) has also requested citizens to send information about anything suspicious or potentially criminal to the CIA through their Facebook page.


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