A cassette tape recording of an interview with the founder of the Beatles John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono, including a never-released song, made while they visited Denmark in 1970 sold for 370,000 Danish crowns ($58,300) at an auction in Copenhagen on Tuesday.

The cassette, featuring the unreleased song “Radio Peace,” was taped on Jan. 5, 1970, by four 16-year-old Danish boys who succeeded in getting an interview with the couple for a school magazine.

Bids for the cassette tape, which was put up for sale along with photographs from the meeting by the former schoolboys, started at 100,000 crowns. The lot was valued between 200,000 and 300,000 crowns ($31,500-$47,000) before the auction.

The person who bought the recording was not immediately known to the media but the price of the auction was reported.

During the 33-minute tape, Lennon speaks about the couple’s peace campaign, his vexation with the Beatles’ image, and the length of his hair.

The recording also features the couple humming along to Christmas songs while dancing around a Christmas tree. It shows Lennon playing the guitar and the couple singing the songs “Give Peace a Chance” and “Radio Peace”.

The couple arrived in northern Denmark in late December 1969 and stayed at an isolated farm for more than a month, according to the auction house. 


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