The Jani Khel tribe on Monday called off their protest against the killing of four teenagers allegedly by security forces after an agreement with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government.

The agreement was signed between the government team led by Chief Minister Mehmood Khan and the protesters at the Bannu Commissioner Office. Compensation cheques worth Rs2.5 million were given to the four bereaved families.

Under the agreement, the government will hold a transparent inquiry into the incident and punish the culprits.

Thousands of protesters broke through a police blockade on Sunday as they tried to march towards Bannu city and later towards Islamabad to demand a government probe into the deaths of the four youths.

The protesters were carrying the bodies of the four young men, aged between 14 and 18, found in a grave on March 21 in the town of Jani Khel, outside Bannu.

Relatives of the dead boys, alleging they died during interrogation by security forces, held a sit-in protest in Jani Khel for nearly a week, refusing to bury the bodies until an investigation was opened against an army officer they said was responsible.

The four dead boys had been missing for several weeks, according to their relatives who said their bodies bore signs of torture when they were found.

Protests were also held in the port city of Karachi on Sunday

According to agreement, the government will ensure peace in Jani Khel by clearing all armed groups in the area, while the locals will be allowed possession of weapons with a licence and their houses will not be demolished.

Within three months, the government will carry out a review of the already apprehended individuals of Jani Khel tribe and the innocent will be released immediately.

The cases of those found guilty, however, will be dealt with as per the State law.

The locals of Jani Khel will be given access to government officials to address their other problems.


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