On Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson said that the law enforcement agencies are trying to trace the culprits involved in the assault of the daughter of the Ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan.

In the statement released to the press, the foreign office confirmed that the ambassador’s daughter was assaulted while riding a rented vehicle.

“Immediately after this disturbing incident was reported, the Islamabad Police launched a thorough investigation”, the statement said.

According to the statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant security authorities are closely in contact with the Ambassador and his family and extending full support in the matter.

Furthermore, the security of the ambassador and his family has been beefed up as the law enforcement agencies are trying to trace and apprehend the culprits to be brought to justice, said the statement.

In conclusion, “It is reiterated that the safety and security of the diplomatic missions, as well as the diplomats and their families, is of utmost importance. Such incidents can and will not be tolerated.”


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