The Indus Water Commissioners meeting, scheduled for March 23 and 24, will be based on a five-point agenda. Pakistan will review matters relating to floods and will exchange monsoon data with its neighbor, India.

Pakistan is also likely to make a case against the Pikaldal project on the Chenab River while objecting to water storage in the Lower Kulnai. This will be termed as a violation of the Indus Water Treaty. Pakistan will also raise issues regarding the 19-megawatt project on the Indus River and the 24-megawatt project.

Pakistan will be attending the 116th meeting of the Indus Water Commissioners in New Delhi, India. The delegation will be led by Syed Mohammad Mehr Ali Shah, Pakistan’s Commissioner for Indus Waters.

The Pakistani delegation will be traveling to the Indian capital to hold bilateral talks on the Indus Water Commission under the Indus Water Treaty.

The last such meeting took place in Lahore, Pakistan, two years ago. This meeting comes after a gap on account of COVID-19.


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