Both Assam and Mizoram Governments have agreed to station neutral forces in the conflicted area.

The border dispute Indian States of Mizoram and Assam has intensified the crisis of acute shortage of medicines necessary to treat the COVID-19 patients in Mizoram.

Mizoram’s Health Minister Dr. R Lalthangliana, the trucks carrying essentials supplies from Assam are unable to enter Mizoram due to the ongoing row.

The Minister said that the lack of essential testing reagents in Zoram Medical College’s RT-PCR lab is will soon close the sample testing in Mizoram.

“It is unfortunate that supply of testing kits, reagents, and other life-saving drugs are still stranded at the Assam-Mizoram border, due to the continued blockade of NH306,” he added.

Meanwhile, Assam’s Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma also made an appeal to allow the movement of goods.

In a tweet, the Chief Minister said, “In the unfortunate incident of 26 July, 21, we lost 6 precious lives. These brave-hearts were also loving fathers, sons, brothers, husbands to many. Assam’s heart bleeds for them. Many remain injured. We pray for their early recovery (sic).”

“We must, however, move on, on the path of peace and progress. While we stand committed to protect the constitutional boundaries, I would appeal to our people to allow the movement of goods to Mizoram. ZoramthangaCM @AmitShah,” he added.

Unfortunately, seven people, including six Assam cops, died in the clashes on the Assam-Mizoram border.

Earlier on Thursday, Assam and Mizoram issued a joint statement saying that the governments of the two feuding states have agreed to take all necessary measures to promote, preserve and maintain peace and harmony. Following a meeting between the two states, Assam also revoked the travel advisory issued by the state earlier, which directed its citizens to abstain from visiting Mizoram, due to safety concerns.

Later, Assam Ministers Atul Bora and Ashok Singhal met with representatives of Mizoram in the capital city of Aizawl, in order to discuss the ongoing border conflict between the two states.

“Representatives of Governments of Assam and Mizoram agree to take all necessary measures to promote, preserve and maintain peace and harmony amongst the people living in Assam and Mizoram, particularly in the border areas,” a joint statement released by the states post their meeting said.

The representatives of Assam and Mizoram in the delegation meet decided that neutral forces will be deployed in the area of conflict.


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