A woman was kicked, punched and dragged on a road by a group of police personnel, including a woman officer, in Indian state Madhya Pradesh for not wearing a mask amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

A video of police brutality recorded by an unidentified person in Sagar district went viral in which the woman is seen being thrashed by two policemen while she tries to free herself. She falls on the road several times and is seen struggling to get up.

It is reported that the woman and her daughter were going out to buy groceries amid the Covid-19 restrictions when the incident happened.

A woman police officer is also seen trying to take her away in an official vehicle, but she refuses to get inside, while her daughter tries to pull her back. Unable to take the woman away, the police officer drags her by her hair while she screams on the road.

Visuals of police personnel thrashing people while enforcing Covid safety rules have already been circulating on social media.

An incident of appalling cruelty in Madhya Pradesh had also taken place on April 6, when a man in Indore was severely beaten up by two policemen, allegedly for not wearing his mask properly.

Over the last month, there have been several reports of policemen in parts of the country handing out corporal punishment on the roads when people were found without a mask.


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