Ministry of Foreign Affairs: MoFA stated in a press release that according to credible sources, India is planning to undertake a military misadventure (“surgical strike”) across the LOC/international border, for which it is trying to seek understanding from major powers.

This irrational approach is driven by Indian frustration emanating from internal unrest due to the RSS-BJP regime’s policies aimed at subjugation of religious minorities and disadvantaged segment of the society. A series of events and developments have exposed the real face of India to the world community, it said.

The recently released Dossier by Pakistan has left no doubt about Indian state-sponsorship of terrorism. Pakistan’s Armed Forces are fully prepared to defeat Indian designs. Any miscalculation will result in global embarrassment for India, as it faced in 2019, said the press release.

It is reiterated that if any ill-considered misadventure is resorted to, it will face an assured notch-up military response from Pakistan. Such a scenario will, however, seriously destabilize the region with catastrophic consequences. This has been shared with important world capitals.

Any military conflict between Pakistan and India will also seriously undermine the peace prospects in Afghanistan, for which the entire responsibility will rest with India. Pakistan urges the international community to advise India against any irresponsible act and to desist from any action that would jeopardize regional peace and stability, it said.

In the interest of regional peace and security, India would be well-advised to desist from any misadventure, said the Ministry.


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