India is once again active in stirring instability in the region and may stage a false flag attack and blame Pakistan to divert attention of international community away from internal crises like farmers protest and atrocities in Kashmir, sources said. They added that as the threat of an Indian misadventure is high, Pakistan armed forces have been put on high alert.

It is possible that following such an operation, India may engage in border skirmishes or may launch a surgical strike in Pakistan as it has done before, sources claim.

After facing humiliation in Ladakh and Doklam, India is now facing internal and external pressures. The Indian establishment is trying to divert attention and criticism of international media and organizations away from its mistreatment of minorities, the ongoing farmers’ protests, and increasing repression in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

To suppress the farmers’ strike in Indian Punjab and the emergence of the Khalistan movement, India is likely to instigate a conflict with Pakistan, sources maintain. Tension on border has always been a tool that Indian establishment and politicians use to suppress their people. This time Indian farmers, Kashmiris and Sikh community are united against Indian atrocities. Kashmiris and Sikh community are demanding independence while Indian farmers are protesting to remove Modi’s government.


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