ISLAMABAD: In response to claims by the Indian media that a drone was spotted hovering over the residential complex of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, the sources in the government said after a thorough probe, it was found out that there was no truth to these claims.

On June 27, India through diplomatic channels lodged a strong protest with Pakistan’s Foreign Office over the issue, calling it a “major security breach”, as per the reports in the Indian media.

However, sources told The Correspondent that the claims made by India were “baseless”. They added that India had taken up the matter with the FO on June 28.

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“After an investigation, it was concluded that Indian High Commission official’s claim was baseless and false,” they said, adding that the Indian High Commission failed to provide “even a shred of evidence — CCTV footage or pictures — for the alleged drone spotting”.

They termed it a “part of continuous Indian propaganda” and said that India tried to put onus on Pakistan regarding the drone sighting without giving any evidence.


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