A minor child named Muhammad Tehseeb’s tongue was burnt by a local Panchayat near Dear Ghazi Khan as part of an old draconian practice. The 11-year-old was accused of stealing a kettle and a can of ghee.

According to reports, locals Siraj, Abdul Rehman, and Mohammad Khan set up their own court in the Kalimar area of Koh-e-Sulaiman.

The Border Military Police (BMP) of Fazala Kachh took notice of the issue and arrested three men who forced the young boy to prove his innocence by putting a hot iron rod on his tongue. The victim’s father registered the case against the three men. The suspects were arrested on the instructions of BMP Commandant Ahmed Hassan Ranjha.

The tribal Baloch of the area still use the barbaric water and fire tradition to prove the innocence of someone suspected of a crime in the Kalimar area. A person is considered innocent if they remain unharmed after coming in contact with burning embers or licking hot iron. If they do not, then they are considered guilty. 

The 11-year-old was treated for his burnt tongue at the Tehsil Headquarters (HQ) hospital. Commandant Ranjha went on record to say that no one is allowed to set up their own court, and if anyone does so they should be reported to the police immediately. 

The Supreme Court declared Panchayats and Jirgas illegal in 2019 as part of its efforts to uphold provisions of the constitution and the fundamental rights of the citizens of Pakistan. 


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