Childhood. The term conjures up ideas of innocence, joy, hope, and amazement. Childhood is a period when you feel safe, protected, and cherished. Knowing that you are protected by your family gives you the confidence to establish strong and safe relationships later in life. However, the reality of many children’s experiences and its consequences for the rest of their lives is far from idealized. This is exactly what has been shown in “Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay”.

Portrayed immaculately by Kubra Khan, Mashal’s character shows how childhood trauma erodes a child’s sense of self and stability, undermining self-worth and often following the child into adulthood. “Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay” gives a glimpse of how Mashal’s childhood painted her adult life. Feelings of shame, guilt, feeling detached and unable to relate to others, difficulty regulating emotions and rage are some of the common symptoms that we see Mashal fighting on daily basis.

Constantly pitted against her cousin-sister, Mehreen (played by Mahira Khan), Mashal develops a strong sense of jealousy and apathy against her. Both were shown to be best friends but go on to become each other’s worst enemies as they become older. To make matters worse, Aswad enters their life and both resort to humiliating each other.

However, in this most recent episode, the drama finally offered us an insight into Mashal’s mind and why she treats Mehreen so cruelly. Mashal’s parents are revealed to have constantly ridiculed her for her low grades as a kid, telling her that she needed to be better than her cousin Mehreen. Then, when Mehreen receives an award and her peers congratulate her on her success, Mashal starts circulating rumours about her deceased father, leaving her isolated from her friends.

The show has been receiving praise from the audience. People took to Twitter to to appreciate “Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay” and how it gives an insight into fostering competition in youngsters by comparing them to others, which can eventually surface when they are adults.

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