The world’s reaction to Biden’s presidency remains fascinating; many saw this as an opportunity to reset relations with the United States and undo the damage Trump’s erratic style of foreign policy had done. While most world leaders immediately voiced their enthusiasm following Biden’s win, others maintained a deafening silence.


Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan congratulated Biden and vice president-elect, Kamala Harris, saying that he looked forward to working with the American president for an end to illegal tax havens and for peace in Afghanistan.

Khan’s relationship with Trump started out relatively strained but eventually smoothed out over cooperation on the Afghan peace process. Trump made overtures to Pakistan, saying he can mediate the Kashmir dispute, but those promises never materialized.

Pakistan would welcome Biden over Trump; the later having a personal relation with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and turning blind eye to human rights abuses committed by his government.

According to Dr. Ashok Swain,  a professor of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University, “If the former vice president Biden is elected, India will not be able to get away with the human rights violations in occupied Kashmir.”


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to congratulate Biden, commending him on his role in strengthening Indo-US relations.

Trump and Modi, both right-wing leaders, had forged a vigorous military and political alliance in the face of a rising China, with Trump referring to Modi as “a man I am proud to call my true friend.”

In contrast, both Biden and Harris have outrightly condemned India’s human rights violations under Modi’s administration.

However, Kamala Harris’ semi Indian lineage could also potentially act as Modi’s bargaining chip in holding onto ties with America.

 “Your success is pathbreaking, and a matter of immense pride not just for your chittis, but also for all Indian-Americans. I am confident that the vibrant India-U.S. ties will get even stronger with your support and leadership.” Modi said to Harris.


China, however, has yet to acknowledge Biden’s victory. After more than 24 hours past election results, China remains one of the few countries to maintain its silence.

Last month, Mike Pompeo, the United States Secretary of State, said, “America is rising to the China challenge”, adding that the ruling Chinese Communist Party is “the greatest threat to freedom and democracy today.”

Biden has indicated that he will carry forward Trump’s tough stance on China.

Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry, reluctantly said that China “had noticed that Biden has declared victory,” in response to the media’s questions about China’s silence.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia was the only Gulf country to not congratulate Biden on his victory against Trump. However, over 24 hours later, King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sent congratulatory messages to US president-elect Biden and vice-president-elect Kamala Harris.

Trump and his administration have fostered close relations with the Kingdom, with his son-in-law Jared Kushner being a frequent visitor of the region.

Earlier this year, on the second anniversary of Jamal Khashoggi’s killing, Biden said that his administration would “reassess our relationship with the kingdom, end US support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, and make sure America does not check its values at the door to sell arms or buy oil”.


Following Biden’s win, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei reposted part of a speech made earlier in which he called the US elections a “spectacle”.

President Hassan Rouhani said that Biden’s election is “an opportunity for the next US government to make up for past mistakes and return to the path of adhering to international commitments with respect to global rules”.

The Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif took to Twitter, hoping for “cooperation and respect for law” by the new leaders.


Turkish vice president Fuat Oktay responded rather dispassionately to Biden’s victory, stating that this result would barely change Turkey’s relationship with America, although it will still keep pushing the US towards the Syrian dilemma.

Biden is to potentially adopt a tougher stance against President Erdogan’s foreign military interventions and Turkey’s growing alliance with Russia.

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