US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed the hope to continue to work with Pakistan to advance the Afghan peace process in an Independence Day message.

“We continue to collaborate to advance the Afghan peace process, boost economic ties, and address the climate crisis,” Secretary Blinken wrote.

“I look forward to strengthening our relationship in years to come as we look for opportunities to advance our shared goals of security, stability, and prosperity in South Asia,” he added.

Prime Minister Imran Khan complained earlier this week that the United States saw his country as useful only for clearing the “mess” it was leaving behind in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan is just considered only to be useful in the context of somehow settling this mess which has been left behind after 20 years of trying to find a military solution when there was not one,” the prime minister told foreign journalists at a briefing in Islamabad.

The top US diplomat also underlined 70 years of partnership between the two countries, hoping that this relationship will continue in years to come.

“For more than seven decades, the United States and Pakistan have worked together in partnership. Over the past year, we have expanded our cooperation in key areas such as health,” Secretary Blinken wrote.

“On behalf of the government of the United States of America, I offer best wishes to the people of Pakistan as they celebrate their Independence Day.”

The relationship between Pakistan and US is currently strained, with US urging Pakistan to do more against the Taliban and Pakistan asserting they have exhausted their leverage over the Taliban.


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