A debrief session of Pakistan Navy’s operational exercise RIBAT-21 was held at Karachi, with Chief of the Naval staff, Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi, acting as chief guest.

Speaking at the occasion, the Admiral emphasized on the enthusiasm of Pakistan Navy’s fighting units and underscored the importance of joint operational exercises in successfully reaching the desired level of training. The Admiral also expressed satisfaction with the state of joint operations with Pakistan’s Air Force and its achievement in reaching a high level of synergy between the services.

The Chief of the Naval staff, while interacting with officers and other individuals, appreciated their morale and commended their readiness to defend the maritime frontiers of the country. He termed Pakistan as a ‘peace-loving nation’ with a strong belief in regional prosperity and stability, vowing to thwart any misadventure by enemies.

The exercise RIBAT focuses on the validation of Pakistan Navy’s war fighting concepts under evolving multi-faceted threats, ranging from conventional to asymmetric warfare. Joint Navy and Air Force operations, undertaken at extended ranges in the North Arabian Sea, were considered as the event’s hallmark.


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