ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan appointed Hammaz Azhar as the finance minister as Dr Hafeez Sheikh failed to control inflation.  

“Prime Minister has appointed Hammad Azhar as finance minister,” information minister Senator Shibli Faraz confirmed today. The senator said that more changes would be announced this week.

Hammad Azhar confirmed his appointment in a tweet.

The most significant change was the new finance minister, after the ruling party’s failure to get Hafeez Sheikh elected to the senate. Sheikh was serving as the finance minister under a special clause in the constitution that allows individuals who are not part of the parliament to serve on the federal cabinet for 6 months, in which they are required to get elected. In case of failure to do so, the individual can not be appointed under the said clause again. 

Given that Hafeez Sheikh can not hold the finance portfolio for very long, it is very likely that he will be replaced with Hammad Azhar, who is currently serving as Federal Minister of Industries and Production. 


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