Guinea has officially declared that it has been hit with a new Ebola outbreak, following reports of three deaths and seven cases in the West African country. The victims suffered diarrhea with bleeding and vomiting, after which they were isolated in health centres.

“Faced with this situation and in accordance with international health regulations, the Guinean government declares an Ebola epidemic,” the Health Ministry revealed.

“The WHO is on full alert and is in contact with the manufacturer [of a vaccine] to ensure the necessary doses are made available as quickly as possible to help fight back,” said the World Health Organisation’s Guinea representative, according to AFP.

The Western African Ebola virus epidemic broke out in 2013 and went on till 2016. It has been termed as the virus’ most widespread outbreak, leaving over 11,000 people dead.

Guinea’s health ministry reported that the patients recently infected fell ill after attending the funeral of a nurse in Goueke, a town in Guinea.


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