ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry on said that the government even took action against one of the top police officials for standard operating procedures (SOP) violation and the assistance of the Pakistan Army has been sought, but everything should not be done by force; people should also cooperate and follow the coronavirus  SOPs themselves.

The comments came on Tuesday as the minister held a press conference related to the coronavirus situation in the country and said that while the government is taking all possible measures to curb the virus, the public should also extend its cooperation.

He reiterated that the ratio of coronavirus positivity is still high in the country, adding that the media has played an important role in creating awareness about the virus as well as the need to follow the SOPs.

“Had the government not taken timely measures last year to curb the coronavirus, Pakistan too would be facing a situation like India right now,” the minister said. 

Speaking about the shortage of oxygen in the country, he said that “while Pakistan is facing a crisis, there is still no need to panic right now.”

“The government made sure to double its oxygen production capacity over the last year,” he said, adding that if the need arises, the government will seek the help of the industrial sector or import oxygen from  Iran and China. 

He said that if the country has to go towards a full lockdown, then the government will have to ensure that supplies of essential items are ensured so that the masses don’t have to suffer.

In terms of vaccines, the minister said that two million Pakistanis have received the coronavirus jab until now. 

“[While vaccinations is necessary and the process is underway] the government is currently concerned with how to reduce the number of infections on a week-to-week basis.”


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