Tuesday, four coal miners were shot dead after unidentified assailants opened fire at them in Balochistan’s Marwar.

Three of then deceased have been identified as Abdul Wakeel, Hidayatur Rehman, and Gul Hakeem. Two belonged to Shangla, while one was from Quetta.

The incident took place near a coal range of Narwar, located 40km away from downtown city. Manager of operations of the rescue department while speaking with an international publication told that the miners were missing at about 11:00 pm Monday, while the bodies were found by Frontier Corps (FC) earlier today. Which have now been shifted to a nearby hospital.

The police have collected evidence from the site and launched an investigation. The FC personnel have initiated a search operation. The reason of the attack and the identity of the assailants is yet to be determined.

In January this year, atleast 11 members of the Hazara commmunity were kidnapped and massacared in Balochistan. The families took to the streets to protest the injustice. And soon after another four men have fallen a victim to this heinous crime.


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