A fifth-generation flying car, AirCar(V5) designed by Professor Stefan Klein completed two 1500’ AGL flights at Piestany airport in Slovakia this week. The model safely achieved two full airport patterns, including two takeoffs and landings.

It has completed over 40 hours of test flights and has flown at 8200ft. Two people can fit in AirCar, so long as they have a combined weight of no more than 200kg (31 stones).

“The key flight parameters confirmed all theoretical concepts and calculations that the development of the AirCar was based on. Following the completion of all required flight tests in compliance with EASA regulations, we will deliver a model with a certified ADEPT, 300HP engine within the next 6 next months” said Professor Stefan Klein, Klein Vision’s CTO and test pilot. “The good news is, we already have a buyer,” Professor Klein added.

The two-seat model weights 1,100kg and can carry an additional load of 200kg per flight. Powered by a BMW 1.6l engine, the car plane has an effective power output of 140HP. The estimated travel range of AirCar is 1,000km and flight consumption of 18 l/h.

“With Aircar you will arrive at your destination without the hassle of getting a ride to airport and passing through commercial security, you can drive your AirCar to the golf course, the office, the mall, or your hotel and park it in a normal parking space,” said Anton Zajac, Klein Vision’s co-founder, investor and pilot. 

“The wing and tail deployment/retraction mechanism is very impressive, converting the automobile into an airplane. The cockpit providing space for the driver/pilot and a passenger is very roomy and nicely styled. The overall appearance of the flying car on road and in the air is superb,” added Dr. Branko Sarh, Boeing Co. Senior Technical Fellow (ret).

Klein Vision is a research and development company that turned professor Klein’s 30-year-old dream into reality. The company developed a patented technology that made an affordable flying car a reality.


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