Five people were killed at Kabul Airport as hundreds of people tried to forcibly enter planes leaving the Afghan capital.

According to global media, the bodies of five people were seen being taken to a vehicle.

It remains unclear if the five had been shot or killed in a stampede.

Three bodies could be seen on the ground near what appeared to be an airport side entrance, in a video posted on social media. 

American troops, who are in charge of the airport, earlier fired in the air to scatter the crowd.

A US official said troops had fired in the air to deter people trying to force their way onto a military flight that was set to evacuate diplomats and embassy staff.

US troops were guarding the evacuation of embassy staff a day after the Taliban seized the Afghan capital.

It took the Taliban just over a week to seize control of the country after a lightning sweep that ended in Kabul as government forces, trained for years and equipped by the United States and others at a cost of billions of dollars, melted away.


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