The Ministry of Finance issued its Monthly Economic Update & Outlook report for June 2021. As per the report, in the current fiscal year, exports, remittances and revenues have increased.

The Ministry of Finance reported that there had been an increase in remittances by 29.4 per cent in this financial year. At the same time, imports have increased by 17.9 per cent from July to May of this fiscal year.

State Bank reserves have exceeded by 22.96 billion dollars, said the Finance Ministry. In addition, it was reported that inflation stands at 10.9 per cent on a monthly basis and 8.8 per cent on an annual basis.

Related to the Taxation, Finance Ministry reported an increase in FBR revenue by 17.5 per cent, while a decrease in non-tax revenue by 6.5 per cent.

In the Industrial sector, the Finance Ministry reported an increase in production by 12.8 per cent of Large-scale industries.


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