ISLAMABAD: Contrary to the speeches of Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin, various clauses of the finance bill propose levies and taxes that have been denied by the minister. 

The bill proposes to increase the sales tax on chicken feed to 17 per cent, a proposal to increase the sales tax on poultry farm machinery to 17 per cent, and the sales tax on baby milk to be 17 per cent.

The bill also proposes to increase the sales tax on packaged butter sales, packaged top, and canned milk to 17 per cent as well. 

The sales tax on industrial plants and machinery has been proposed to be 17 per cent along with the sales tax on cotton. 

These things in the box belong to the rich, not to the poor, Senator Mohsin Aziz

Doctors often prescribe canned milk for children, Kamil Ali Agha protested against the proposal as taxing an essential item. Dozens of items in the finance bill contradict the government’s vision, Kamil Ali Agha said.


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